Battlefield 3 for Android IPhone IPad

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Battlefield is the most admiring video game presented by E3, this game gain the top position in rank of action and adventure games. Battlefield 2 was the game of the year in 2011 and its new version Battlefield 3 comes with totally new graphics and action team. You can still enjoy playing by selecting your old team with some new features.

Battlefield 3 for IPhone and Android platform is still under development, may be it will launch after the official launch of Battlefield PC version. This is an action game and I don’t think that users can really enjoy Battlefield on their Android phones because, you need some quick moves and actions in regard to play this game but on your Droid or IPad it cannot be possible, so you definitely required a PSP or PS2 player.

Anyways the choice is yours; you can use the beta version of Battlefield app on your IPhones or smartphone before make the final decision.

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