Best Stylus for iPad Writing Notes

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What is an IPad Stylus?
IPad Stylus is a note taker device, it works same like a fountain pen, which is specially designed for IPad and mostly doctors use this feature to note details or symptoms of patient. This is also the must have medical app for IPad if you are a student, engineer or belongs to medical field.

Which is the best IPad Stylus?
There are a lot of third parties that are making various medical applications for IPhone and IPad, some of these applications are available free to download but most of the medical apps are not free. AluPen, Pogo Sketch, WaCom, iClooly Multi Touch, Pogo stick, Acase, Dagi, Hard Candy and Boxwave IPad Stylus are mostly used stylus available in the market. You can purchase a brand new or second hand used stylus pen for your IPad from Amazon or EBay store. These electronic pens are ranges from 10$ to 25$. Under my observations, Pogo stick IPad stylus is the best IPen available in the market, it is not too expensive and comes with a great features.

Can I make my own Stylus pen for IPad?
Yes you can do this, only if you have a much knowledge or experience of handling or creating IPhone apps, because you have to give a simple coding program to your handmade Ipen.
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