Dirt 3 for IPhone and IPad

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Dirt 3 is a powerful racing game, which make a million of fans around the world. This game ranked on second position by popularity in the category of sports racing games. Number one position is still hold by classical car racing game “Need 4 speed”. You can select to play two types of Dirt 3 game options (Dirt 3 motorcycle racing or car racing). The new graphical structure is fully supported a 3D mood, so if you want to play this game on your PC then you need a high definition VGA card, otherwise you can enjoy it on your PSP or PS3.

Dirt 3 app for IPhone and IPad will also launch very soon, because the official team of Dirt 3 knows very well about their demand on mobile phone devices, Android may also launch their own apps same like to this game.

So many people are playing games only with the help of cheating codes; Dirt 3 cheats are also available on various websites. No doubt use cheat codes are not an ethical way but I do believe that these kinds of strings are leaked by the game producers to bring more interest for lazy players.
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