Farmville App for Android

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Farmville is the most playing Facebook game, the game is owned by Zynga Corporation. You can play this game by directly login and Zynga website or if you have a Facebook account then you can directly move to Farmville Facebook apps page. You need FB credits to get register your account on Farmville, you can also get credits by playing this game on FB, later you can spend your credits on shopping or purchasing something else on the Facebook.

Farmville for Android will be officially launched at the end of 2011 or in the start of 2012, but why you wait for so long? You can still play Farmville on your Android or IPhone without having any Farmville app for these mobile phones. Follow the following tricks to play it on your Droid phones, IPad or IPhones.

1- Download and activate Facebook app for Android.
2- Login your Facebook account.
3- Now move to Farmville apps page.
4- Login again
5- Start playing the game.

Do not use any cheats or other illegal tricks to make or increase your credits, because this action may disable your Farmville account permanently.
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