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Gmail is the most fastest and safest Email services offered by Google. This service was first start in Beta and at that time getting a Gmail account was a big problem because you must need an invitation to sign up for gmail web email service. Now the service comes out from its Beta service and anybody around the world can get a free gmail account with unlimited storage capacity.

You can register your account by simply going to and once you register your account then you can use the same Google login account for all other Google services, including Youtube, Orkut, Blogger, Adsense, Google Ad words, etc.

You can secure your email id by verify your account through your mobile phone, you can also use web or mobile chat messenger Google Talk for instant messaging with your family and friends around the globe. Do not use the Goggle sign on public computers, you can save your password if you are using your own Mobile phone ( IPhone, Samsung, Nokia) or your own PC and have a Chrome Internet browser then nothing to worry.
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