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Hotmail was the first Email service that I was used when I start using Internet back in 2004, I mostly use Hotmail for sending and receiving emails to my friends who were living in abroad. I also used their MSN chat messenger to do chat with my family and friend and some times I entered into their built in chat rooms for a time pass, but now the whole scene is changed into a new era. At that time Hotmail was offering only 5 MB inbox storage and I was using the dial-up Internet connection.

Hotmail is the project of Microsoft and no body can refused their world wide popularity, especially when they launch their new Email system with unlimited storing capacity which make it more speedy. On the other side they make their server more fast and secure and now you can use various options to make your Hotmail password more secure then ever. Now you are not facing a frequent problems of Hotmail login or sign in, because you can use a secured layered option to access your MSN or Live inbox.

At the same spot you can signup for , and obviously for the simply got to You can use the same login information for their other services including chat on MSN messenger, but you are not further allow to enter in public chat rooms.
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