How to Find a Girlfriend on Facebook

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Boys are looking for their dream girls and girls are looking who do not belongs to any dreamy world. Well Same game of hide and seek is playing well on Facebook. Obviously you are here on this page to get some tip and tricks about finding your girlfriend on the Facebook. Before we start the lesson you should read a previous entry about " Facebook Failures", now if you still want to carry on with this job then we have no objection on you, because you have a will and obviously we cannot snatch your way.

Find a local girl on Facebook:
1- Make a search by giving her full name.
2- Give her school or collage name.
3- Give name any of her Facebook friend and make a search.

How to Find lost friends on Facebook:
1- Repeat the above procedure, you may find your old friend.
2- Give his/her location, e.g city name.
3- If you know her email id then you can send an invitation to her id and she will join you at Facebook through your FB invitation.

Caution: Make friendship or dating on Facebook with strange persons or people is very risky because they can cheat you any time.
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