Lady Gaga Scary Contact Lenses

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Lady Gaga is the most funny Alien who landed on our Planet Earth about 5 years ago. She has a scary magic in her voice which grip the people to listen her bizarre songs, some of people really enjoy to listen her songs. We are still not sure about Lady Gaga gender, some call Gaga "She" and some "He", anyways I will like to call her as a female.

Now come to the point, besides her magical voice she also has a weird magic in her eyes. Do you know, what is the power of her magic eyes? These are the contact lenses that she brings from the space, I am sure she stole these scary lenses from her grand mother makeup box. Have a look at some most funny contact lenses wearied by Lady Gaga at various live concerts.

This the grand Ma of Lady Gaga who is still living at Mars and waiting her return with her stolen contact lenses.
Lady Gaga in Childhood, how cute she is?
Her first entry on Earth.
She cannot live without her green contact lenses.
I don't know how she manage her jaws on the eyes, can you help me please?
This is called the bloody eyes of Lady Gaga.
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