Minecraft App for iPad/Android/Iphone

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 Minecraft is the world most famous game developed by Swedish programmers; the game was first designed for Windows platform but soon after its launch, the game demand raised up and Minecraft downloads crossed the limit of 10 millions only in one month.

Now this Java application is available on various Operating systems, including Mac, PSP, PS3, etc. Facebook also integrated this combating game in their games section, and they are earning a billion of dollars, just because of Minecraft.

Now Minecraft for Droid is also launched and indeed it’s big news for Android lovers.  Right now this game is only available on Sony Ericsson Xperia smartphones, but with in a month or two you can download and play it on your HTC Desire or Samsung Galaxy too.

As you know this application is actually made in Java, so it’s a platform independent game, but still it needs some protocols to work on a new platform like Android. Now all the work is done by Minecraft developers and now you can install Minecraft on your Android, IPad and IPhone as a simple app.
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