Must Have Medical Apps for iPhone

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Technology involves in everyday field work, actually it boosts the performance of our daily job. You may say that the creation of IPhone is the biggest invention of this century. It gives a new horizon not only to the mobile technology but also put deep effects on every field and every technological job.

IPhone app store gives an unlimited range of useful applications for various professions. It also contributes in the medical field and now you can get a lot of multi feature medical apps for your IPhone, most of these applications are freely available from third parties or developers. Now have a look at some best and must have medical applications for your latest IPhone version.

1- Medical dictionary app for iPhone:
This is an important and must have app for every medical student and doctors, there are various medical dictionaries are available for IPhone, but you can download a free version.

2- Medscape gastroenterology:
It gives you more then ten thousand references about various drugs and ailment symptoms about various diseases.

3- 3D Medical Skeletal System:
This is a wonderful but a free medical application if you are a student of anatomy, You can get your free app from their official website

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