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Before the arrival of Facebook Orkut and Myspace was the world most widely used and obviously most popular social networking websites, but Facebook cross all the social sites within 2 years and now it become the king of all social websites. But the old users of Orkut who made groups and friends are still stick with Orkut  because they don't want to loose their old contact, either they do not want to move into some new platform. Some of users may experienced Orkut login problems, do you know what are the possible causes? Have a look.

1- You may using a computer behind a firewall.
2- Your Admin may block Orkut  at the work.
3- Your cookies are not enable.
4- You have some problem in your proxy setting.
5- Your ISP may blocked some social sites.

If you are facing any of the above problems then you can request your network administrator he solve this issue or you can use your own Internet connection to avoid such a problems.
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