Top 10 Facebook Failures

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Facebook successfully attract the world attraction in all fields like every famous celebrity like President Barack Obama, Queen Elizabeth Taylor, Tiger Woods, Tom Cruise, etc means every famous political, social and Hollywood celebrity have a Facebook account. They also have a Hollywood movie “Social Networking” which is based on the life of Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg.

They have a lot of success and billions of fans around the world; now let’s talk about some Facebook fails.
Have a look at top ten Facebook Fails:
1- Facebook login is the worst failure that its users ever faced.
2- Facebook status failure is another example, its very serious sometimes if it fails to deliver your girlfriend.
3- It engages you so high who cause your failure in college or school.
4- You can also get fired from your job.
5- You boss may not tolerate if you fail to update your status.
6- Your toilet timing incredibly increases when you use FB in your toilet.
7- FB gives you more addiction then weeds.
8- It limited you only online relations.
9- You cannot take an online dinner with your Facebook friends.
10- You may seriously lose your sense of humor.

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