Top 10 Zombie Games For Android

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Games is the most blooming industry of today world and production of hi tech gaming consoles is the most hot business. Games are not limited to classical Atari games anymore, now you can play games on your PC, PSP, Laptop, iPod, IPad, Television, Mobile phones, like IPhone, Nokia, Black Berry, etc.

IPhone and Android phones are the most booming phones in the market and the competition of games for both devices is also at the boom. Zombie games are the most popular series of games, are you looking for the most funny zombie games for Android, then you come at the right place. Have a look at top 10 IPhone and Android zombie games.

1. Dead Rising
2. Plants vs. Zombies
3. Zombies Run
4. Zombies Ate My Neighbors
5. Hunter: The Reckoning
6. Resident Evil
7. Typing Zombie
8. Alone in the Dark
9. Survival Crisis
10. Welcome to Hell
11. House of the Dead

Yes these are zombie eleven games, so what? One is the bonus for you.
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