10 Most Overrated Facebook Wall Posts

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Everybody already know a lot and obviously reads a lot about Facebook, I got somewhat allergic from Facebook because it loose the charm and needs a lot of new attractive changes, may be Google Plus become the best alternative of FB community, do you get bored from the same type of Facebook wall postings from your friends and anonymous people? Let’s point out top ten most overrated Facebook wall posts, that nobody wants any more.

1. Hi friend may know you please? (Why you call friend then?)
2. I know what you did last summer (I dated with your elder sister)
3. You look so cute in your photo (that’s not me)
4. Can, I have you mobile number (No, my number is very busy)
5. Would you like to be my friend (What about my other friends?)
6. I start liking you (Good, keep it up)
7. Today is very romantic weather (I am thousand miles away and its too hot today)
8. You are so strange, amazing, genius (My real friends always against this stupid statement)
9. I want to meet you (Lets start a net meeting)
10. I don’t like Facebook (Then what the hell you are doing here)

You can add more overrated wall posts in comments below.
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