100 Best Quotes of All Time

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This is a long list of best quotes ever; these quotations are very consisting on inspirational wordings. So here we go.

  • It’s very rare to do right, right the first time.
  • The style of saying a same word can create different expressions.
  • You need a beautiful heart to feel beauty around you.
  • A wise man cannot claim about; he understands the woman.
  • Wisdom is God gift; it does not belong to status.
  • Wisdom and knowledge are two different things.
  • People who don’t use their mind are living a happy life than people who think all the time.
  • We easily tolerate about kids who fear from darkness, but what about those people who feared from light of life?
  • Your interest in this world is limited by your personal interest only.
  • Voice may end soon but its effect live longer.
  • Two things are very important for a successful life; one, goal of life, second, struggle to achieving your goal.
  • A society is the representative of their norms; no traditions will remain if you destroy the society.
  • An un-occasional talk can fall you down.
  • Some time we learn the art of living but losing our precious things.
  • Bitterness in life is created by a wrong life style; make it better to bring sweetness in your life.
  • Good and bad events are developed by a society and a society is developed by us.
  • Don’t give-up if you lost every thing, because now you have a whole world to get.
  • A little good deed is much better than a great good idea.
  • Get busy to escape from sorrow.
  • A person who praises you too much, he can also criticize you too much.
  • Time gives you everything only if you respect the importance of time.
  • If you adopt some good habits just to impress people, mind it that, its worst than your bad habits.
  • Don’t be happy if you got every thing, it shows your greediness.
  • Comforts of soul are hidden in the struggle of body.
  • Loneliness is much betters then the company of bad people.
  • Its you mind, which differ between good and bad.
  • You can see fairy and ghosts if your mind accepts their presence.
  • The art of living a beautiful life is hidden in simplicity.
  • Good friend is a reward, which have no alternative.
  • Journey of life is like train journeys where you meet different people and everyone have a specific destination.
  • Dreams are the symbol of life, so do not quite watching dreams.
  • A book can thought you so any things but a practical life can prove wrong all your thoughts.
  • You may confirm your skills only if you enter in practical life.
  • Blaming someone is the easiest task.
  • Defending someone Blame is very difficult.
  • Walking on foot by your own is much better then sitting in gold car with the help of others.
  • Confessing your mistake is a difficult job, but not impossible.
  • Poison of words is more dangerous than the poison of snakes.

These quotes are ever green sayings of wise people, you may add your own wisdom quotes down below.
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