Alice Madness Returns Android App

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Alice Madness Returns was a famous comic book about an innocent girl who was released from a mental hospital and then her fear and anger convert her mind into extra ordinary human and she start revenge against her family killers. Alice was the girl who got mad every time, when ever she saw her enemies. This games was first launched on Microsoft Xbox and play station in the mid of 2011, but with in a short time it gains a high popularity in the top ten series of arcade games.

The unofficial version of Alice Madness Returns app for IPad, IPhone and for Android phone is launched on Apps Brain website and the beta version of Alice Madness Returns for Android is available on the download section of Apps brain.

This game is full of horror and scary cuttings, so it is strongly prohibited for little kids to play or watch trailer of this Zombie game, but if your kids are already addicted to such a video or PC games then it is allowed to feel free to play this game.
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