Best Free Text Apps for Android

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Sending free text messages through Android mobile phone was a dream that now become true by launching of various text apps for Android in the market place. Let’s take a short overview of best text message apps for Android.

Textplus: Textplus was the first application that was especially designed for free SMS messages on Android phones, the free version of this app is working on few mobile operators; download this app to check your luck.

Free SMS Sender: Free SMS Sender Android app is officially developed by Android market and you can get your free copy of this best working app from this link.

HeyWire: Most of the mobile users may already familiar with HeyWire app, because this application is also much famous for IPhone and Nokia mobile sets. This is not just a utility that let you send and receive free texts, you can also send free text messages to your Facebook, Google + and Twitter friends through HeyWire app.

Go SMS: This is also an old utility that was first designed for Samsung mobiles only but now Android market launch their own version of Go SMS for free text messaging.

Handcent SMS: This is my favorite and most wanted Android app for sending free text messages including SMS and MMS messages.
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