Best Romantic Quotes

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The following romantic quotations are selected from various cultures and literature, you can use the romantic quotes in your blog or send them as a SMS or text message to you loved ones with the reference of this blog.

  • Romance is a mental state when a person lost his mind for time.
  • The addiction of romance cannot differentiate between beautiful and ordinary faces.
  • Romance is best at night.
  • A newly married couple can be romantic for maximum 6 months.
  • Romance is a universal expression which is free from traditions, countries and races.
  • A romantic moment has more addiction then 100 bottles of Wine.
  • A true romance can make your day like a wonderful star night, and can also make a dark night into a bright scene.
  • Romance is a relation between two opposite genders, same genders are fall in lust.
  • A romantic woman can change your mind in a romantic moment.
  • Romance and Love are two different things.
  • There is a thin layer between romance and flirt.

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