Best Wisdom Quotes of All Time

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Wise people are found in every nation in the world; these people can belong to any race, color and gender. The only important thing is their wording and sayings, these wisdom sayings change the mind of humanity, hope you people will definitely get some lesson from these best selected wisdom quotes.

  • A bad word you through out from your mouth can through out your body from the village.
  • Who is the most powerful person?  Who know how to control his anger?
  • Who is the wisest person? Who hide his poorness?
  • Who is the richest person? Who get satisfy even small things.
  • If nobody remembers you, it’s not a problem, but do not let the people to forget about you.
  • A person deceives more, to whom he loves more.
  • You can make your life better, simply by changing your views about life.
  • Who is the most worthless person on the earth? Who just care about his own happiness?
  • Money or wealth cannot build you up, but you can build money and wealth.
  • Everyone has a fix amount of food in his fate, for his living. So eat less to live longer.
  • All long living persons have three common things, simple living, simple food, and simple thinking.
  • Your words are great things but not every thing.
  • Humans are the only living things which are nature less.
  • The beauty in eyes is more precious then the beauty on face.
  • Always remember, his world belongs to you, you do not belongs to this world.

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