Dirty One Liner Jokes

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These jokes are randomly selected from various resources; you can add fresh one liner jokes below if you want.

  1. Sitting bore is good then listening news about Charlie Sheen.
  2. You can listen all songs of Lady Gaga, only if you off her video.
  3. What is most dirty? Hand job or wife job.
  4. Lindsay Lohan is working on her next TV show “My journey to jail”
  5. Whom you kick first? Brother in law or mother in law?
  6. Whiskey dull your mind that’s why it’s a bad thing, what about a wife who make your life as living in hell?
  7. I tried to quit smoking many times but miss smoking do not agree to leave me, now what can I do?
  8. Shakespeare was a famous man because he got divorced at the age of 21, next year I will celebrate my 21st birthday.
  9. A free dunked mouse is much betters then a loin with his lioness.
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