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A ZeptoLab lab is an award winning company who has a mature experience in developing entertainment games from the last decade. Their new game Cut the Rope was launched last month on the Android market place, this game was launched under the category of puzzle games and its hold the top position in paid games list.

What’s new in Cut the Rope game?
This is a simple puzzle game you may also call it an entertaining arcade game that let you clear your path by cutting ropes, if you failed to cut the rope in a specific giving time then you may loss one life bonus, a player have to play multiple stages by cutting ropes and finding way.

The game price is less than one dollar but there are still many users who want this game absolutely free, do you want so? Well you can download the beta version from ZeptoLab website and then install Cut the Rope app for Android on your phone and play it as long as you want for free.
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