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Do you need free Facebook credits to play games or shopping? There are various tips and tutorials are available on the Internet that teach you about how can you generate free credits for your Facebook account. Unfortunately none of all these tips and tricks really giving positive results,  only few tricks works well on random basis.

You may also hear about Facebook credit generator software and tools, do you? These are the automated tools or you may call it cheats which increase your FB credits by playing various algorithms on your account. These credit generator tools are available in one or two dollar price on various websites. Do you plan to purchase such application?

You may also like to know disadvantages of using such a cheat apps. Facebook Credit generator v133  and V23 are free apps, only work for a limited period of time, they increase credit for a short time only, credits increased by such an automated tools cannot be valid on various game apps, using of such a tools can permanently block your Facebook account, etc.

So the best way to get free FB credits is to play games, giving reviews, become fans and giving click to Facebook Like button on the sites that giving you 2 or 5 free Facebook credits.
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