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We already discuss a lot about Google + social network; still the future of Google + 1 is looking very bright because they add some most wanted features in their social networking site.  This is also not the first time that Google make an attempt to mock down Facebook, Orkut and Google Buzz are the unsuccessful examples of their attempt but this time they integrated their all best features of all services at one spot and name their service Google Plus One.

Let’s make a comparison between both social sites, with their positive and negative sides.

Google Plus vs Facebook:

1- Facebook is available to every for sign up but Google + needs an invitation.
2- Facebook wall posting fails to keep someone profile page secure, Google + introduces “friends circle” where only you friends in a circle can see your profile page. You can also make multiple circles for multiple groups.
3- Facebook friends chat is very slow and chat box layout is very rough but Google Plus integrated Gtalk chat messenger which is very speedy chat system.
4- Facebook hired Skype for video chat and only two persons can make a video call at one time. Google + introduces “hangout feature” which let you make a video chat up to 10 persons in real time.
5- Facebook games are credit based, means (no money = no credits) but in Google Plus you can play a lot of online games for free of cost.
6- A registered user of Google + can also gain access to other Google services including, Google buzz, Blogger, Youtube, Gmail, Google Docs, Google maps, etc.

You read a simplified comparison between these two social networking services, now its time to still stick up with Facebook or leave FB and join Google Plus.

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