Funny One Liner Jokes

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One liner jokes are the short quotes or sayings that make fun about someone in a funny way, today’s post you will read some most funny one liner jokes.

  • Two jobs are very hard to do, first, office job on Sunday and home job when wife is out.
  • Once a donkey, is always a donkey, what? Do you think about yourself?
  • A piece of shit and Brad Pit can be equal in Hollywood movies.
  • You cannot fly over? Guess what? You cannot fly over my lower.
  • Sleep my baby otherwise; I will take you Oprah show.
  • Kidnapping a girl is a best idea only if you kick out from mental hospital.
  • Getting married before you die is an old proverb, new one is coming soon.
  • Subliminal messages in Disney movies can only be find by free divorced old ladies.
  • What is the difference between an ass and a donkey?
  • Why Obama is so black?
  • Why England queen believe in royal blood?
  • How you can escape from a mother in law?
  • Why there is no charm in 1 year old wife?

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