Google Plus 1 Android Application

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Google+ 1 development process of Android app is just completed and the Android market released the unofficial Beta version of Google plus app for Android. This application is available free to download directly from Apps brain and Market Android. I am still not sure either this application is launched by Google development team or some other third party make a contribution, but one thing is noticeable that this app really look so awesome.

As you can see in the Google + app photo that Android user can easily connect to Gmail, Orkut, G + and Youtube account at once with the same username and password. Below you can see the shining options of G + friends circle, hangout and video calling.

So ladies and gentlemen its time to say good bye to old and bit nasty Facebook and to join today’s social network which is not other than Google Plus.

Google Plus invitations are still going to various lucky users, if someone from you got an extra invitation then share the invitation URL with other needy users here.

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