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Google + games is a big question mark for the fans of this new social network. Google Plus games list is still empty and various Bloggers have different opinions about Google + games apps. One thing is clear that Google have to beat Facebook and they are trying their best to enhance their features as much as possible.

Google Plus Sparks let t you share any thing with your friends, hangout let you make video calls, huddle is an excellent group chat utility but where is space for games lovers? Google must integrate online games feature into their new social network because attraction of playing games for free is plus feature of Facebook over Google Plus.

Google Plus is still in its Beta service, may be they are working on their games project too. Facebook Farmville game has more than 15 million users every day and FB have more then 100 free games for their users. I think its time for G + to take some action to promote free games on their network.

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