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Google Plus invitation link is not working if you send the same link page to more then person at a time. Google + is a new social network which is getting a high fame in its Beta mode, because thousands of people on the Internet are querying about Google + invite page and some lucky users get invitation link through Google Plus team and some from their family friends.

Google Plus invite algorithm is changed by the official time by time because they are experimenting with this new service, a few days ago they opened the Google Plus sign up for everyone without any invitation but they close the sign up service next day, they are doing such an unpredictable things every day.

You can join Google Plus by an invitation from your close friend who already have a registered account on Google +, ask him to let you join his friends circle on Google Plus. If you succeeded to get invited by someone on this service than you may invite your further friends and family members into your friends circle and then you can also enjoy the hangout feature, which let you make free video call to your relative or friends living in abroad.
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