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Google + 1 is the new giant of social networking and my magical eye can see that Google Plus will beat Facebook with in few months. Right now Google Plus is automatically activated on all Blogger blogs and Google + 1 social page is offered to only limited number of website owners and individuals to too make their friends circle and enjoy other features of Plus community.

Google Plus sign up or registration page is not available to everyone, only invited users can make a sign up for this great service. I am still in the waiting list but some of my friends already got invitation and requested them to invite me too, hopefully with in few days I will get Google 1 badge for this blog. Google plus login page does not require separate account for signing in because you can use your Gmail, Blogger, Orkut or Youtube username and password to login at G1 page.

The most attracted feature of this service is Google hangout service through which you can make an exciting online friends gathering party. Video chat is another cool feature through which registered users can make unlimited but free video calls or set video meetings with people in their friends circle. Unlike Facebook, G1 do not have a wall posting system, I think this is a cool idea because wall posting leak out your privacy. Its also giving a very desirable graphical interface for mobile users, which is more easy to operate then Facebook mobile apps.

I invite my blog readers to share their starting experience with Google + here in the comments below.

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  1. hi google plus is much better from facebook so i want to make my account on g1.........its very intresting

  2. Hello frnds please invite meHello frnds please invite me

  3. Im very eagar to know more about g+.invite me plz

  4. Hiii.... I am not liking some policies of FaceBook.. So I want to join google +.. I have heard that it is far better than so please send me an invitation


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