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IRCTC is the short abbreviation for India’s first Online Passenger Reservation System; this online reservation system was developed by Indian government officials in the recent decade. Indian railway system is the biggest railway system in Asia with the record number of junctions.

There are more then three thousand railway terminals in India and the biggest terminal is located in Mumbai, which is also the most beautiful railway station of the Asia. There is more then 4 million people travel in train everyday in the India and irctc railway reservation system facilitate million of people to get a reservation without leaving their homes.

Some of people definitely facing problems while IRCTC login, this is the same case of overload web traffic. So if you are facing any login problem at then you must browse their cached page from any search engine, this may resolve your issue and you got an online reservation in Indian railway with in time. You can also make an advance reservation for your family trip, weekend, and honeymoon. is also offering a new service to reserve a seat in Indian railway through a SMS message. Now you can use your mobile phone anywhere, any time to get a seat of your desired train. Before login, you must need a registered account at IRCTC website, if you don't have any account account then you can get your free ID by a free signup at their official website.
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