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Linkedin was first launched in 2002 in America to promote business profiles on the Internet; actually it comes with the idea of a social platform for small business owners. Soon it becomes a huge business portal and now is the world biggest social network for business persons.

It not only attracts small business users but you can see the business profiles of all major companies on the Linkedin website. You can use Linkedin apps on your IPhone or Android mobile phones if you are a business traveler and you have your B2B contacts on this website. IPhone login or sign-in process through mobile phone create problems some times, because IPhone server sometimes fail to recognize out bound Internet connections and due to security reasons it reject the login attempts on IPhone website servers.

If you don’t have any account on IPhone, then do not miss your chance to get a free sign up with your real name.  You can register there with a valid email address or you can also login there with your existing Facebook or Gmail username and password.
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