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Most of you already familiar about PC to mobile free calls but now you can also make a mobile to mobile free call any where in the world, these free calls are best suited to users living in India, Saudi Arabia, New eland, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Germany because these countries are charging very high calling rates on all International calls.

Now what is the process of doing free mobile to mobile calls? The process is very simple and easy and hopes you guys like it, just follow these simple steps.

  • Install Skype or Yahoo messenger App in your Android or IPhone, it can also be installed on all Nokia 3G mobile phones.

  • Skype or Yahoo messenger must also be installed on other mobile phone where you want to make a free call.

  • An internet connection or Wi-Fi must be enabled on both sides.

  • Now make a voice call through your mobile to other mobile by login to your Yahoo or Skype messenger.

  • Both mobile phone holders have to pay only Internet charges and they can enjoy a long call, as long as they want without paying any charges.

Hope this useful tutorial will helps you a lot and you can make unlimited free calls to local or International mobile numbers.

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