New Girlfriend SMS Messages

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Making friendship with your most desirable girls is not an easy task, because in most cases your dream girl is already in affair with someone else. Similarly impressing a new girlfriend is also not so easy, you have to perform various important tasks to satisfy her about your unique qualities. You may start messaging to your new girlfriend by selecting given below text messages.

1. I understand the meanings of true friendship after meeting you, so be my friend for whole my life.
2. You are the first girl in my life who becomes my girlfriend; I don’t want any second or third, so be my first and last girlfriend.
3. You are not only a girlfriend of mine; you have to operate my heart to know about your importance in my heart.
4. I thought whole the night what to give you as first present of my love and with every thought my heart beats with a voice “Show me, Show me”
5. Friendship is like a deep sea and you are the whole sea in my life.
6. I don’t know the meaning of love, but now I know the whole story of love after meeting you.

You may add new romantic sms messages in the comments below for the new lovers.
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