Nokia N9 Specs and Price

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MeeGo OS and Nokia shake hands together in regard to launch their latest version Nokia N9. This is the first time that Nokia is introducing something new with the collaboration of another company. On the other side its all first Experience of MeeGo to design a full working operating system for Nokia mobile phones.

N9 is a smart phone and may be it starts a new race between Android and MeeGo OS, because it’s also the first smartphone device from Nokia. Some leaked information also indicates that Nokia N9 will also support Android OS as the second option, but this news is not confirmed yet by Nokia company officials.

N9 specification is totally different from its mother model Nokia N8 because you will experience 9 megapixel cameras with Dolby digital sound quality external speakers. Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are also enables in this device with the extension of networking card; this card will let you connect your N9 device with any cabled or wireless computer network.

N9 price in India will be less then 70,000 rupees because Samsung and LG mobile phones are also giving a hard competition to Nokia mobiles in the market.

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