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3 comments is the biggest Email service provider in India, Rediff currently offers two type of Email services (paid and no –paid email accounts). I free account users get an unlimited storage for their emails, in paid version they also got unlimited storage space but users can integrate their Rediffmail account with Microsoft Outlook, they also receive a notification when the receiver reads their email, trace IP address, geographical location of sender can be traced easily in paid or premium Rediff account.

Some time users face Rediffmail login problem, Infect it is not usually a problem because many of users are doing some mistakes while login on Rediffmail, what are their mistakes?

How to get red of Rediffmail login problems?

  1. Wrong password or wrong user name
  2. Login with on/Off caps lock
  3. Spelling mistakes
  4. Putting wrong security code
Beside these errors some time Rediff server get busy due to heavy traffic and users can also get a login error at sign-in page. You can also download Rediffmail Mobile App for an easy login through your mobile phone.
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  1. Rediff is the brand new version of and I am unable to sign in at my old account, kindly tell me how to solve this problem.

  2. It do no access on my Blackberry but I finely login reiffmail on my Iphone, this is great mail system by Indian company.

  3. I got no response for my rediffmail login inbox page.


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