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Songs Pk is a famous Music website, you can visit the website at because this website is not registered website server is officially located in Chez Republic but the website is operated from Lahore, 90% of this website users are come from India, 7% from Pakistan and 3% from rest of the world. This is also the most visited website for Indian songs in the world. offer free songs to download from all Hindi movies (including old classical movie songs), pop songs, Bhangra songs, Pakistani film and private songs, Qwali, Tamil songs, Telugu songs and English songs.

The website offer songs in audio songs in mp3 format, but this is not a full stereo quality audio song because they are not allowed to distribute high quality audio songs for free.

You can listen live songs directly from the site or you can also download PK songs on your hard drive, you can also access this site from your mobile phone, if you have an Internet connection activated, you can listen and download songs on your mobile memory card.
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