Super Street Fighter 5 Android App

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Street Fighters was the first action game that I was played in my childhood, I still remember my favorite characters of Street Fighter game, my favorite fighters are Kim, Chun Lee and John, and I was bit scared from Brazilian Gorilla and one eyed Army man. Now world totally changed and this is an era of 3D technologies both in movies and video games.

Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade edition make a record sale in American games industry and now its time to make a super record in Android market too, because there are thousands of arcade lovers are waiting for Super Street Fighter 5 version on their Android mobile phones. Game development team officially announced the characters cast of their upcoming version and I do believe that the next version will also makes a big hit in games market.

I still don’t have any clue or news about which party will take the beta version of Super Street Fighter IV in next few months, but one thing is clear that IPhone Apps store cannot afford to buy the selling version of this fighting game due to their recent dispute.

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