Worst Celebrity Wax Figures Ever

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Celebrity Wax museum is world famous and it contain wax figures and  sculptures of all famous celebrities around the world like, actors, actress, athletes, singers, political personalities, etc. In today funny post we bring some most funniest and obviously ever worst created celebrities wax figures.

In this pictures below you may notice some celebrities wax are looking better than the original one, now guess who is looking better.
Victoria is hiding some secrets from us?

Do you know who is this joker girl?

Tom you are looking like a fraud army officer who captured from Iraq jail.

Tara Reid wax is looking better then her real figure, am I wrong?

I think this is Ashlee grand mother wax with her.

Ashley Tisdale teeth in her wax are more brighter than her genuine teeth.

This is my lovely Britney Spears who lost her mind but her wax is still behaving wise.

Cher you must stop singing

Guess what is funny wax or...

Heidi Montag wax before and after breast surgery

Hilary Duff with her?

Who is this wild witch?

Justin Bieber are you gay?

Oh my darling bring her clone from Mars, thank you Lady Gaga

Megan Fox wax is more attractive then her orignal body and face

Discovery channel is still searching about this wax, I will keep you update with any new information till than bye!
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