Android Progressbar Example

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What is Android Progressbar?
Android Progressbar is a program loading slide show that shows the progress of any action performed in your Android device. This Progressbar is builtin various smartphones like LG Chocolate, Samsung S3, etc.

Android Progressbar style in list view and horizontal are the most popular styling of Android phones, besides these built in bars you can also create your own Android Progressbar, you have to modify main.xml file according to your need and then save this file, after a reboot you can see new changes in your Android loading bar.

You must be familiar with XML language, because the layout file for Progressbar is completely written in XML coding, if you don’t have any experience then do not try to modify or edit your main.xml file, because by putting wrong code it may damage your existing Progressbar.

You can download the various colorful indeterminate examples of loading bar for your smartphone. You can also use Android Progressbar app to select or made layout of your own choice. This application is freely available at Android marketplace.
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