Bad Boss Stupid Jokes

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Boss to secretary: You are very nonsense; tell me do you ever see a donkey?
Secretary: No, sir (while looking down)
Boss: idiot what are you looking down, look at me

Secretary to Boss: Excuse me sir, it’s your wife phone.
Boss: what she wants?
Secretary: Sir she wants to kiss you on mouth pace.
Boss: Ok, you receive the kiss from phone; I will collect it from you later.

Do not underestimate you boss ever, also do not think him fool.
He is very clever, how? You are working under him.

Three things that every that every employee hate about his boss
His orders
His affair with secretary
And the proverb, a boss is always right.

Boss: give me two eggs.
Worker: sorry sir, I am a human not a hen.

A frustrated employee gets abused by his strict boss.
He goes to Christian burial and post a board there with wordings “Coming Soon”.
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