Best Funny Motivational Quotes

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Some of these saying are really funny but also giving a positive motive of life.
  1. Keep abusing your president may also make you president someday.
  2. Life is like a train which has several terminals to stop but you can also push the emergency handle to stop it according to your own wish.
  3. Some time a good fortune knock at our doors and we ignore it as a rubbish joke.
  4. Every 7th American may not have any teeth in the mouth, so why you are worrying about your teeth pain.
  5. You are so unique in this human crowd, if you don’t believe it than you can check your hands palms 
  6. You can take a good start of your day by escaping home without facing your wife.
  7. Between two girlfriends, always pick the one who never slap you before.
  8. Who build the pyramid of Egypt? Masons.
  9. Females mind are much cleaner than males because they change their mind with every second.
  10. A person with a sharp mind always busy in thinking and worrying but a person with dull mind always enjoys his time because he has no mind to think.
  11. Does world end on 21 December 2012? I will tell you on 2ND December.
  12. I can give everything you want on 30th February.
  13. Fool people need advice; do you need any advice from me?
  14. I always shocked when someone tell me that Lady Gaga is a girl.
  15. I also got a shock when I heard about Justin Bieber is looking for a new girlfriend.
  16. What is the definition of mortgage loan? Die for your own place.
  17. The safest place for crying is the rain, because no one can see your tears there.
  18. Weather forecast for Alaska on radio, welcome in weather studio, today is Sunday with same weather.
  19. Do you like, dancing with the stars? No problem, you can watch tit on ABC TV channel.
You can also add more funny motivational quotes or sayings in the comments below.

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