Best Money Quotes and Sayings

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Most famous money sayings and quotes are collected here, these quotations cannot be copy any where without the reference of this site.

  • Richness is associated with freedom and poorness is bad than a prison.

  • You love money, but it doesn't like to stay with you.

  • A rich person is like a bag full of air, who can fly any where, but a poor man is like a without air balloon, who cannot stand by his own.

  • A rich father always wants to collect all treasures of the world for his son, but son wishes for his father death to occupy his treasure.

  • There is a big difference between saving money and collecting money.

  • Rich people think that poor are living a very happy life, is a stupid thought, same as poor think that rich are living without any tensions.

  • The tears of a rich widow become dry very soon, because she gets another companion in the shape of husband property.

  • Money is nothing, if you have a passion of build it. Money is everything if you come under the shade of money tree.

  • A man with money forgets about himself and a man without money forgotten by people.

  • Richest people in the world are busy in eating poor and Devils are also busy in eating rich people, both are getting eaten.

  • Nobody cut your talk, only if you are talking about money.

Hope you get that money is not everything, so stop loving money and start loving your loved once.

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