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We collected some best quotes in the world which are bit bitter but really true. These quotations define love, friendship and wisdom. Fell free to use these quotes anywhere you want, but do not forget to refer this blog.

  • Three symptoms of love:

  1. Low appetite
  2. Loose concentration in job or study
  3. You are thinking about someone right now.

  • You cannot put a hat on everyone head.
  • Dogs always bark on a poor man. 
  • Doing things in a well manner is much better than saying things in a well manner.
  • Selecting priority between a wife and life is a difficult job.
  • A lair is always ready to promise about anything.
  • You cannot defeat your enemy without getting his friends.
  • The only way to enhance your mind power is to think positive.
  • A successful person made his success on the base of errors he made in his life.
  • A lair and dishonest person cannot be a wise person.
  • Wisdom is a tree and its root is honesty.
  • You can conquer the world, only if you believe o do so.
  • First step is the base of every long journey 
  • Every idea is useless, unless you perform it practically.
  • You can buy lovely things with money but cannot buy love.
  • Saying thanks formally is the easiest way to join the community of selfish people.
  • Technology cannot give the alternative of happiness of manual work.
  • Every news that breakout the rules is become a breaking news.
  • You can prolong your life by adopting various things but you cannot defeat the death by adopting anything.
  • There are no limits beyond the limits.
  • You cannot judge any person from his status unless you see him without his status.
  • Anger is the biggest enemy of your wisdom.
  • The most brilliant way to win someone heart is to be sincere with him.
  • A mother is the first and strongest academy of every child.
  • You can find the peace of your mind by helping people with broken hearts.

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