Big Brother Reality Show

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Big Brother is a famous reality show which was first probably started in England but now a lot of countries world wide start this reality show on their local TV channels, indeed this is an interesting and very profitable reality show. Big brother show is a big source of income for show producer and obviously for the game winner. Big Brother seasons for UK, Canada, America and India are the most popular BB show.

What are the rules of Big Brother reality game show?
In this reality show a hidden voice (big brother) collect various famous celebrities in a big house. All celebrities totally cutoff from the outer world because they are not allow to use TV, radio, mobile phone, relatives meetings, etc. They have to spend about 40 days in this house under obeying the orders from their host (big brother). They also giving reports about each other to Big brother and on the basis of reports BB kick out all celebrities one by one from the house and the last celebrity become the winner of this show.

How Big Brother makes money?
Big brother reality show season 11 in Canada, they make money by getting voting SMS messages from show audience, they also produced a lot of money from voting calls and sponsors advertisements.
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