A complete List of Nostradamus Predictions

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Nostradamus was born in Jews family in France; his family migrated from Spain to France. At the age of 6 years his whole family converted from Jews to Christianity. Nostradamus learn the knowledge of old Jews language Abrani and Greek languages from his grand father, at the age of 7 year he got admission in a Church school and after completing his school study he got admission in a Medical university. He was a famous doctor at his time, he married with a beautiful woman and got two sons from his first wife but all his family were ie in a plague infection.

He got dishearten from the death of his family and he sold his house and start traveling to eastern European countries, like Italy, England, Spain, etc. After 6 years he come back to France and got married once again, he had 6 children’s from his second wife. Now look at Nostradamus predictions, his all predictions are in the form of poetry, various people got various meaning from his poetry.

His first prediction was about the Death of a boy.
Nostradamus 2nd prediction was about the 16th POP.
Prediction about the Death of a French king in a sudden accident
Victory and defeat of Napoleon Bona Part
World War one and destruction of European countries
World War 2 and Hitler
9/11 New York attack
Nostradamus last predictions about the end of this world, which will be happen on 21st December 2012.

Besides above listed predictions, there are various predictions of Nostradamus become false, like the cruel ruler from Arab countries who will destroy Europe in 1990, amazing scientific discovery, world war 3 in 2000, etc.
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