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Every third American have a an account on Facebook and the addiction of Facebook is just not limited to U.S, there are more than billions of Facebook users in this world, may be in near future this popular social network may also joined by Aliens Facebook personalities like Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber have millions of fans on their profile pages.. Now the popularity graph of Facebook is going down day by day, because Google launched a better and simple social network Google Plus, which is currently running in Beta mode.

The every day ratio of Facebook sign up for new accounts is also going down, even some already registered users are also migrating on Google +, FB users are getting tired from their complicated privacy policy and a bit complicated graphical interface. Websites that were offering Facebook login through their sign in page are also integrated other social networks to empower their users, they integrated Twitter, MySpace and Google Plus account, its mean you can login or sign up on these sites with Facebook, Twitter or G+ accounts.

Besides above story, there are still a lot of people who are not ready to quit Facebook at any cost, some people organized their small business on Facebook and most of the Facebook users gathered their friends community on this social networking site. It’s your choice now to sign up for Facebook or some other social networking site.
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