Fullonsms.com let you send unlimited free sms on Vodafone and Airtel in India; you cannot send any text message through this site without registration. You need to first make a Fullonsms login and then you can send unlimited free messages to single user or group, each message can up to 160 characters long.

Fullonsms mobile application is also available for free to download, you can install this app on your Nokia Symbian phone, IPhone and Android mobile phones. You cannot use this app without a registered account, so you must sign up for a free Fullonsms account on their website.

Besides this free text service, Fullonsms also entertain its users by a variety of SMS messages in Marathi, Tamil, Hindi, Punjabi and English. You can get text messages on every topic, like, friendship day, best quotes, goodnight messages, romantic sms, Hindi Jokes, Punjabi jokes, etc.

Till today registration on Fullonsms is completely free and their SMS sending service on all mobile networks in India is also free, they charge a little amount in near future because they are paying a fee to their SMS gateway provider and web hosting company.
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