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Do not tell me that you don’t like these funny sms jokes on breaking news. Breaking news is news that can break your thoughts, your imaginations, even your heart. But in today breaking news session we will not pass any bad or tragedy news, hope these breaking news style will give you a big lol.

  1. Rahul Gandhi said that Anna Hazare is doing a right thing but I will support him only if he agrees to follow my rights.
  2. Earth Quake in Bermuda triangle killed 78,000000 frogs.
  3. Sharukh Khan and Salman Khan will perform together in new movie, “it’s impossible”.
  4. Salman Khan divorce Katrina Kaif, in his dream last night.
  5. President Barack Obama confesses his affair with Hilary Clinton at Radio Mirchi.
  6. NASA publish a new guide about how to survive on Dooms day, you can download this book after Dooms day.
  7. An Indian TV channel will be soon launched on, obviously on cable, what are you thinking bout?
  8. According to BBC report every third American girl is a female.
  9. Jagjit Singh ghazals are banned in Mumbai by traffic police because people go to sleep during driving cars.

I think it’s enough for today; I will inform you about more breaking news in near future, till than take care, bye.

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