Funny Insulting Names

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A name is an identification of every living being and non living beings also. Every name must have some meanings and every culture and society have a unique naming trend. Some names sound very funny, especially Chinese and Korean names make me laugh some times.

In today post you will discover the most funny human names from various countries,

  1. Iron head (a person with bald head)
  2. Chin Chug Lee (A girl who looks like Lady Gaga)
  3. Yummy cup (a girl with beautiful face)
  4. Poppet (a fool person)
  5. Hackle Jackal (two friends who always live together)
  6. Dancing tail (woman with heavy background)
  7. Time machine (a rude boss in office)
  8. Shopper man (a guy who always tell lie)
  9. Brutal attacker (a person with gastric problem)
  10. Lip stitch (A boring wife)

 These are not the real name of any persons; mostly people use these names to call their friends for fun.

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