Funny Nonsense Quotes

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These are the latest nonsense and bit stupid quotations about money, women professions.

1. What is the biggest lie in the world? Two women sting silent.
2. If you want to make your family and relatives happy, then try to die rich.
3. By pulling a bundle of wisdom books, a donkey cannot be a professor.
4. Jonathan Kinger was a great philosopher of old times and he completely believes that the affects of pure love is nothing else than pure nonsense.
5. The probability of a beautiful woman is closer to nonsense than women with ordinary faces.
6. You have only two options, die bold or live as nonsense.
7. You cannot get tricks of handling your wife, even searching on Google.
8. You need petrol to run a car but to run a wife you need a lot of currency notes.
9. I had 10girlfriends when I was sitting in my BMW, now I lost all because I am walking on the road.
10. Once upon a time medical and education were the most respectable professions, now they are very professional money makers.

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