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Gold price in India cannot be stable due to worldwide economic crises. Gold is a precious metal, the actual history of this rare metal is unknown, may be its thousands year old. It’s also a big fact that the known history of human being is integrated with gold in various aspects. In old times hindered of wars were placed at the name of gold treasure. If a king or kingdom become rich in gold, than other surrounding kingdoms become their enemy to get their gold.

Today the most common use of gold is making jewelry with gold but besides jewelry manufacturing there are several other uses of gold that most of you may don’t know. Gold is an important metal which is used in dental surgery, super computer processors, the electrical conductivity of gold is much higher than copper and silver so it is also used in the manufacturing of various electronic devices, like computer processors, mobile phones, gaming consoles, etc. Gold is also used in various classical medicines; gold remedies are mostly used in homeopathy and ayurvedic medicine system. In India and Nepal Hindu religious people use gold to make their gods, in royal and billionaire families people like t use gold polish on their flooring tiles, showers, taps, etc.

Investing in gold is the most profitable business in today’s market place. In the past 5 years the price rate of gold in all over the world is rising by 700%  United States, China and India are the top three countries in the world that holding the maximum quantity of gold, Pakistan holds the 42 position in this gold ranking chart. From the past 3 years the price of gold is continuous to rise and it is still in rising state in all over the world. You can checkout current gold rates with price in all currencies from various online websites. Today gold price in India can be checked from official India stock exchange website or you can subscribe for their SMS alerts to get text messages about current gold rates directly into your cell phones. You can also get historical data or charts of gold prices for past years.

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